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All About Dana Vespoli!

Sultry star Dana Vespoli was born in San Francisco in September 1972. Born to Irish and Thai parents she was driven to succeed pushing her to work multiple jobs while also attending university. She often found herself working as a teaching assistant, nanny, lifeguar, all while being co-captain of the varsity rowing team. She soon graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature.

Soon after her graduation Dana had dollar signs in her eyes as she discovered a good friend was raking it in as an exotic dancer. Dana didn’t waste any time building a huge following which inevitebly led to her pursuit of other opportunities in the adult entertainment business. In 2003 she decided to make the move to hardcore films and hasn’t looked back since.

Currently Dana has over 380 credits as an adult performer and over 130 credits as Director. As both a performer and a director Dana has garned dozens of nominations and countless awards from both fans, actors, and professionals from both within the adult enterainment industry and mainstream.

Never failing to entertain we knew Dana would be an incredible fit for the Cherry Pimps network as her fans have a voracious appetite for all things Dana and we’re happy to welcome her to the family.